Wishing to encourage people to think big, Mars XVI created XVI EMPIRE in July 2018. Company founded in Quebec, it is for him a symbol of positivism, perseverance and surpassing oneself.

"Not only a business, XVI EMPIRE is also a way of thinking, being and acting"

It's through various creations, like the necklace Seeks the moon, that the creator will promote audacity, pursuit of goals and the attainment of dreams.

"I would like to encourage people to set goals, think big and believe in them. XVI EMPIRE is not only a business, it is also a way of thinking, of being and acting ", mentions March XVI.

Thus, XVI EMPIRE now offers a jewel, but with what creation will we surprise tomorrow? Only the creative impulses of the creator in his journey towards the attainment of his dreams can answer them. Stay on the lookout.

Be inspired!

#xviempire #marsxvi

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