Maturation Collection

The maturing collection recalls the importance of having good foundations et to take the time to build yourself.

The tree begins by fortifying its roots in the privacy of the soil. Little by little, it solidifies its trunk, before widening its crown. The whole maturation process will take him several years, even his whole life.

Like him, we must take time to build and strengthen us. From a psychological perspective, taking the time to develop and maintain a healthy state of mind. From a physical point of view, take the time to eat well and stay in shape.

No one is perfect and nothing is easy. However, a set of small actions will ultimately have big repercussions.

The raison d'être of the Maturation collection is to remind us that we get there little by little, no matter where or when we start.

It is the process of a lifetime, of our lives.

Maturation, according to the dictionary
Def .: Process leading to the complete development of a phenomenon, to the fullness of a faculty.


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