Meaning of Aim for the Moon

The Aim for the Moon collection was inspired by the famous quote by the Irish writer Oscar Wilde: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars ". It means that it is important to have big goals and to pursue your dreams, because even if we do not reach the ultimate goal, we will have done better if we had not done anything.

This way of thinking has always been part of my own outlook on life. She often encouraged me to put my ideas into action and go for it to achieve my goals.

The pieces in this unique collection symbolize daring, the pursuit of goals and the achievement of dreams. Show them off proudly, spread the reasons for their existence and the reasons why you wear them.

Be proud of your achievements and have the audacity to implement the actions that, little by little, will bring your ideas, your goals and your dreams to reality.

Be inspired!

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